I will be traveling to Beijing, China in January for 3 days. I did verify here that I qualify for the 72/144 hour visa free entry into China as a US Citizen.

Do I need to do anything before I leave for China? I'm reading mixed information from various forums and sites. Some say I need to contact the Chinese Embassy and to contact the airline.

This article for example:

To obtain a transit visa exemption, travelers should review eligibility requirements, and confirm their eligibility with their local Chinese embassy. After confirmation, travelers must communicate their intention to obtain a transit visa exemption to their airline prior to travel. The airline will liaise with border control officials, who grant transit visa exemptions to travelers that meet requirements after verification.

So, does this mean I really need to contact the embassy and the airline?

My ticket is a one way ticket from DFW to PEK (American Airlines). I have another ticket (booked through Chinese Eastern Airlines) to CNX (Chiang Mai) from Beijing.

So, I'm a bit confused on the process and if I even need to do anything, or if I can just show up, go through a queue and be on my merry way.

  • That kind of website is not very reliable, but unfortunately the US China embassy site does not seem to show the 144 hour exemption. The Cyprus one does. Looks to me like you can just show up with the proper documentation (note they require a confirmed seat as well as flight) but that and $3 might get you a coffee. – Spehro Pefhany Aug 9 at 19:35
  • 1
    @SpehroPefhany Yeah, looks like I can probably just show up and be fine. I do have a confirmed ongoing seat. I'll make sure to get that $3 coffee :) Thanks mate – TravelLikeBeaker Aug 9 at 19:48

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