I am traveling through Indigo from Oman to Mumbai to Bagdograh(Siliguri).I heard that I've to change airport in order to change terminal from 1 to 2. How long does it takes? The next flight to Bagdogra is after 4.5hrs of arrival, is it enough for me to reach and do the immigration?

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  • "I heard that I've to change terminals." You change terminals only if Mumbai-Bagdogra flight is operated by a low cost carrier (like Indigo). Vistara and Air India fly out of T2 only. – RedBaron Aug 8 at 9:34
  • thnx.appreciated – yosup Aug 9 at 18:12

From the airport's website:

  • The 2 terminals are in fact two separate airports 5km one from other
  • If you have a flight connection landing in T2 and departing from T1, take in mind that the transfer process will take 2-3 hours
  • Domestic Terminal is busiest during the day while International Terminal is busiest during night
  • Is not allowed to check in more than 4 hours prior your flight

So if you have 4,5 hours between the flights, that should be enough time to transfer.

There is a paid service that connects both terminals (Domestic - Terminal 1B and International - Terminal 2).

  • T1B to T2: Prices Rs.245 for a Sedan. Rs.700 for a SUV.
  • T2 to T1B: Prices Rs.230 for a Sedan. Rs.750 for a SUV.

The counters to buy the ticket are located:
T1B: Arrivals. Phone: 8767350021
T2: Level 2, International Arrivals. Phone: (022) 65882672

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