We are an India couple and visiting Dubai for a week, on my way to the UK (Travel starting in 15 days)

I already have a UK visa and I will be getting a Single Entry UAE visa for the one week I will be there.

Then I return from London 3 weeks later, via Emirates EK-66 at 01:05 AM on Terminal 3 and then I have to catch a connecting flight (booked separately) which is Indigo 6E-56 at 05:30 AM.

I cant get clear info for the transit visa.

  • Do I need a transit visa?

  • Can I move without immigration/visa between T3 and T1?

  • Time between flights is 4 and a half hours. Is here a 4 hour limit on free transit?

  • What happens if my flight into Dubai is too late and I miss my connection?

  • My bookings for the flights are separate so I assume I have to collect my luggage and check-in again? Does this affect transit?

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