So a few months ago I was given a $650 fine for "lighting a fire in a national park" and I remember the police officers mentioning something about us breaking a federal law.

Now I disputed the fine as I did not light any fire and was falsely accused and after some time I was asked in an email to provide full contact info of the person who lit the fire in a statutory declaration. Now I don't have any of these details so I tried to contact the Infringement Notice person I was in contact with via phone and email and was ghosted. It is now past the date they gave me and I am about to go on holiday to New Zealand.

Am I going to face any issues at the airport over this?

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  • Please specify the type of layover. – JJ for Transparency and Monica Aug 4 at 6:34
  • Where is the national park? National park offences are typically state offences, unless the park is located in a federal territory (such as the Australian Capital Territory). – k2moo4 Aug 4 at 7:12
  • Where are you flying from? transiting in Syd/ Mel? Cbr? Is this is in the same state as teh offence? Just transiting or stopping over? – Mark Mayo Supports Monica Aug 5 at 4:31

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