I do not have a surname in my passport. How do I enter 'Given Name' and 'Family Name' in my UK visa application form?

  • Adding what culture your full name style comes from may be helpful in providing a useful answer. [Sadly it has been a slow process to shift world wide bureaucracies over to some kind of 'universal name format' that reliably covers all the options.] – TheLuckless Aug 2 at 19:43
  • In my passport there is no surname only given name but i cannot leave surname blank in visa application what to write there? – Numaan Muneer Aug 2 at 19:49
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    @TheLuckless RE: "'universal name format' that reliably covers all the options", see this classic article: kalzumeus.com/2010/06/17/… – Calchas Aug 2 at 19:53

There is an answer here http://www.immigrationboards.com/uk-tier-1-post-study-work-visas/no-surname-to-enter-online-dependent-visa-application-t122774.html from 2013 that indicates entering ‘-‘ is acceptable.

I had a similar issue with my wife’s passport. I had put '-' in the surname field.

Visa was granted by the high commission in Chennai. In the receipt her name was 'firstname' 'firstname'. However on the visa her name was only 'firstname'

She recently came to the UK, and there were no issues in immigration etc, except that the Indian immigration authority suggested that I include my name in my wife's passport.

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