I am planning to buy the combined ticket from this official Greek website, but on the last screen I get the following text;

New: Skip the ticket office line! If you accompany free admission beneficiaries, buy your general admission and/or reduced-price tickets online and gain direct access to one of the Acropolis fast-lane ticket offices to obtain the free admission tickets quickly and easily, upon proof of eligibility.

Does it mean that when I buy this online ticket, I again have to go and get a real ticket from this office, and only this process will be fast? I again have to queue with this physical combined ticket like anyone else?

Also, is there a way to get this skip-the-line power for real queues without registering with boring guide tours? Can I just pay and earn this right somehow?

  • I interpret that text to describe only the case of someone who is buying paid tickets to accompany people who are entitled to free admission (those people need to go to a "fast-lane ticket office" to have their eligibility checked). In other words, you buy online, and then go to the office for the people who need free tickets. I bought some Acropolis tickets online in March and was able to use them without visiting any kind of office, but there was no actual queue at the time, so I can't really answer as I'm not sure what the situation looks like with crowds. – Zach Lipton Aug 1 '19 at 3:50

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