I am doing my PhD in France. It is required that I must go to London to attend some conference (2 days). My nationality is Indian and currently I have this Visa Long Séjour Valant Titre de Séjour mention “passeport talent-chercheur". Can I travel to London with this or I shall have to do the visa formality to go to london and then buy the tickets?

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    That’s a residence permit for France, I believe. In which case it doesn’t allow you to enter the UK, you will need a visa. You can check here gov.uk/check-uk-visa – Traveller Jul 29 at 15:42

According to the UK visa check tool if you:

  • are an Indian citizen
  • are coming to the UK for an academic visit
  • are staying for less than six months

You need to apply for a Standard Visitor visa. Having a French residency permit does not seem to matter at all in this case.

Quoting from the linked website:

You'll need a visa to work, do business or academic research in the UK

The visa you need to apply for depends on your circumstances.

Business visits

You can apply:

  • for a Standard Visitor visa - eg if you’re coming to the UK for conferences, meetings, training, academic research or a sabbatical
  • as a visitor doing a ‘permitted paid engagement’ (you must have been invited to the UK because of your expertise) - you can only stay for up to 1 month

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