The official low-cost parking near Frankfurt-Hahn airport is not really low cost with prices starting at 3.50 EUR/day. I will fly to Scotland for a week and now I'm looking for an alternative cheap/free parking lot near the airport. Are there any parking lots within walking distance or with an airport transfer?

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    EUR 3.50 per day sounds pretty cheap to me! – Gagravarr Mar 7 '13 at 13:50
  • 3 years ago it was only 2 EUR/day. Yes it's not very expensive, but I hope that there are cheaper parkings – Dirty-flow Mar 7 '13 at 13:56

I found a list with some private parkings near the airport. The best options are:

  • hahn-parking.de It costs only 2 EUR/day. There is no free transfer however it's only 2km from the airport. Taxi would costs about 7 EUR. No reservation required. EDIT: The link is broken, but the parking exists. The parking is on the Shell station near the airport.
  • parken-am-hahn.de It costs 22 EUR for up to 10 days, when arriving at parking after 8 am. For arriving between 4 and 8 am it costs 32 EUR for up to 17 days. Free airport transfer for 4 persons. Reservation required.
  • airport-park-service.de It costs for 8 days 24 EUR(with transfer) or 12 EUR(without transfer, walk distance about 3km)

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