I am a Bangladeshi student studying at Columbia University in New York. I wanted to go to Russia this winter to see my uncle, who emigrated there in the 80s and currently lives in Moscow with his Russian wife. Would it be enough if he sends me an invitation letter (along with other necessary documents of course)?

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  • Will the invitation letter be processed in Russia through one of the official channels? russiable.co.uk/private-visa-russia-visit-family-friends – Traveller Jul 25 at 7:44
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    I recommend you not to apply from USA and UK, if you can. Questionnaires are much more long and complex (and who remember all details of your infancy?). It could make difficult to find all required documents if you are not from such countries). Embassy websites contain relevant information (very useful for special cases, and to get Russian name of required documents from your uncle) – Giacomo Catenazzi Jul 25 at 9:42
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