My family and I applied for UK Visa and we paid the Visa application fees for all of us. However, before we made appointment to submit our applications, we decided to make few changes on the application forms . We canceled the application and requested for refund of the fees we paid. We had not made any appointment at the Visa application centre yet, we had not submitted our applications. We submitted refund requests and received individual emails in response to our request. We were told to expect email in regard to the outcome of the refund request. Thereafter, we filled out new sets of applications, paid another Visa application fees for all of us and made appointment for our biometrics only with the new sets of applications. It's been 2 months since we requested for a refund of the first payment and have not heard a word regarding our refund request ever since.

Are we ever going to receive a refund of the fees we paid for the applications we canceled?

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    If you paid by credit or debit card, contact your card provider to dispute the payment. – Traveller Jul 22 at 18:54

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