I live in the UK since allmost a year and would like to visit family and friends in Germany followed by an interrail trip. So I would like to get an Interrail pass as a UK resident. Eventhough I found the FAQ concerning how to prove residency


Your proof of residence will be accepted if: - It is issued by the government. - It is valid for the entire duration of your Interrail trip. - It has an official mark or stamp from the issuing body. - It clearly states the issuing country. - It clearly states your name.

I still have no Idea what kind of document I should use for this. After all as a European citizen you dont have to register here so there was really no occasion at which I could have gotten such a document. Also I can't apply for a residency card as this is only granted to non european citizens.

Does anybody has experience with this situation?

  • I think your (German?) passport will contain not your complete address, but your town of residence. Hopefully that would be enough. – gnasher729 Jul 21 at 16:31
  • They also specify "Travel visas and the residency field of a passport are also not accepted as proof of residency." – Florian Jul 21 at 16:34
  • Have you looked at the guidance under the option ‘I'm a European citizen, but I'm also an official resident of another European country’? It says: You can choose whether you select your country of citizenship or the country where you live as the country of residence on your Interrail Pass. If you choose your country of citizenship, your passport will serve as proof of residence. If you choose the country where you live, you must bring official proof of residence in that country. – Traveller Jul 21 at 19:34
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    Yes it is about what I can use as "official proof of residence" – Florian Jul 21 at 19:55
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    Inter-rail also have a great whatsapp service for queries like this: +31 6 40789005 – Bee Jul 22 at 11:23

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