I am a citizen of Eritrea and I work for the United Nations and have UN blue passport - UNLP, do I need an entrance visa to visit Greece as a tourist?


According to https://cibtvisas.com/forms?formname=portalforms/UNDP/Introduction%20-%20Guide-to-the-Issuance-of-UN-Travel-Documents.pdf Laissez-Passers are issued for use only on official travel during a period of employment. (K 36 Validity).

Timatic says you need a visa for Greece unless you are traveling on duty for a maximum stay of 90 days. https://www.timaticweb2.com/integration/external.php?ref=d975cfc59f5c0abd06d16e872198110b

  • While it is correct that the UNLP is issued for official travel, some countries grant a visa exemption to holders of the UNLP who are traveling for personal reasons (at least South Africa did so in 2016; I'm not sure about the current state of affairs). I am not surprised that Greece is not among them; I suspect that few if any of the richer countries would be. – phoog Jul 18 at 17:19

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