I would like to find out where is the largest collection of paintings from the Romanticism movement. By largest I mean not only the more numerous but also with sufficient coverage of different artists, nationalities, and periods. I recently visited the National Gallery in London, and was surprised to find "few" paintings from that period, let alone from English Romanticists.

Unfortunately, I haven't been to other major museums (Louvre, Prado, Orsay, Met, etc). There seem to be more English paintings in the V&A museum. Also, there is an on-going project setting up a German Romanticism museum. Still, the question remains. Where could I find the largest collection of such paintings?

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  • There might not be a single largest collection. You might try Tate Britain with works by Constable, Turner, Blake and others – Redd Herring Jul 18 at 10:15
  • @ReddHerring mmm, shouldn't by definition be a largest one, just that it might not be "big enough"? – fox_mulder Jul 18 at 10:40
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