I'm very concerned about visiting Canada and here is why:

I previously had a F1 Student VISA in the USA that was granted to me in 2016.So I was studying there for couple semester, but then my VISA got terminated while I was there ,because of a lack of sight on my end.The law of an US F1 visa says that in Order to be "Valid" you need to be a full time student it means to be enrolled in at least 4 classes.During one of my semester I was under-enrolled which means I was registered to 3 classes instead of 4 because there was some issue registering for one particular class.

because of that my USA visa got terminated and I just had few options either re apply for a VISA or moving back to my country I decided to leave voluntarily 3 month later, and never came back or applied for any visa ever again. I didn't get any Order to leave/deported and I don't have any ban or criminal history in the US.

on the eTA background question there is one question about it "Have you ever been refused a visa or permit, denied entry to, or ordered to leave Canada or any other country/territory?"

I answer No but this is tricky question for me because I never got a US Visa DENIED to me when I apply, However I was granted a student VISA but it got "TERMINATED' because of the issue I said

my eTA got approved months ago and it still valid and it didn't get cancelled or anything (I'm assuming that didn't count as a mistake? but I'm not 100% sure either)

I'm very confused about that and I'm a little worried that I'll be denied for my lack of sight when I was a Student in the US

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    So, you've been granted an eTA, and you're asking us whether you'll be denied entry? We have no idea. Border guards have wide discretion to permit or deny entry. You may be denied for reasons unconnected with your eTA, or for reasons connected with data held by the Canadian authorities which we can't possibly have access to. You have an eTA: enjoy your trip. – user90371 Jul 18 at 3:42
  • an ETA is no guarantee for being allowed entry, just like a visa (or indeed a passport from a country not requiring one). You can in theory be denied entry just because some border agent doesn't for example like your hairstyle (though in reality they're more professional than that). – jwenting Jul 18 at 5:00
  • If you’re so concerned about it, why go there? – Traveller Jul 18 at 6:48
  • Given that your "USA visa got terminated and I just had few options either re apply for a VISA or moving back to my country", does that necessarily mean that you were officially ordered to leave? You say you had an option to reapply but you chose to leave, so that doesn't sound like you were served with an official "Order to leave". – Ray Butterworth Jul 18 at 13:11
  • If a visa is terminated that's an order to leave. You can do something to reverse that order (i.e. reapply) but it's still an order to leave. – DJClayworth Jul 18 at 16:51