According to the Greyhound website (if you search through "book a trip"), there are 3 buses every day from Bloomington, IN to Indianapolis, IN:

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It looks like the schedule numbers are constant and do not depend on the day. I tried looking up these schedules on bus tracker and got "No schedules found". And if I try searching through "SEARCH BY DEPARTURE CITY OR ARRIVAL CITY" instead of "SEARCH BY SCHEDULE NUMBER", there are no buses from Bloomington, IN. Also, these 3 routes are not displayed in this list.

Is this some kind of bag with the Greyhound website? Does the the tracking option not work for this route?

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The Greyhound BusTracker is not available for every bus on every route, as it depends on the location and transmission equipment being installed and operational on the vehicle.

In particular, note that not all tickets sold on Greyhound.com are actually operated by Greyhound itself, as Greyhound is a major broker for tickets on numerous partner bus lines. This is analogous to airline codesharing. If you view the actual itinerary, there is a section marked "Operating Carrier."

In this case, Greyhound does not actually run any buses between Bloomington to Indianapolis, which explains its absence from the route list and from BusTracker. When you buy a ticket on Greyhound.com, you are actually buying a ticket for Hoosier Ride, which Greyhound sells on behalf of its partner, Miller Transportation. Hoosier Ride, unfortunately, does not appear to offer anything like BusTracker.

  • I think Hoosier Ride does have a tracking option: miller.myatiportal.com. But I still can't see any buses departing from Bloomington. Probably their tracker doesn't work at all.
    – user557
    Jul 17, 2019 at 0:17
  • Yes, I saw that link, and I stand by my statement. They may have had such a service a few years ago, but the fact that not a single bus displays for any city, and that the word "tracker" appears nowhere on their website now, suggests that it has been discontinued.
    – choster
    Jul 17, 2019 at 0:22
  • Interesting. So it appears that there is no any way to know whether the bus is on time... I actually happened to be on the bus stop the other day, and I haven't seen the 6:05 bus between 5:50 and 6:15. What should the passengers do in such cases? Or should I ask a separate question about this?
    – user557
    Jul 17, 2019 at 0:58
  • You can do what everyone did before tracking was even possible: call the company and ask for news. Some companies might also send alerts if there is a major problem. A handful might post to social media. If this is too much uncertainty for you, I suggest taking a shuttle, renting a car, or finding a carpool—there are always people traveling between back and forth between the university and the big city (or at least its airport). The Bloomington rideshare Facebook group has over 3,000 members.
    – choster
    Jul 17, 2019 at 2:51
  • 1
    It's a frequently repeated and probably frequently believed myth that the poor public transportation in the USA would have anything to do with natural geography — it does not. And I think the people of Indianapolis (2M) and Bloomington (85k), 80 km apart, or those of Madison (650k) and Minneapolis-Saint Paul (4M), 430 km apart, would not consider themselves to be East Bumblefuck or New Timbuktu.
    – gerrit
    Jul 17, 2019 at 14:52

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