I (Indian) have a travel itinerary from Dublin to India via UK Heathrow airport. From the airline website, it says that I need to move from Terminal 2 to Terminal 3 of Heathrow airport. As I have never been to Heathrow before, do I need to pass the border check/immigration? If so then do I need to have UK transit visa or some sort? I'm a work visa holder in Ireland. Please help me with this guys. Thanks!


You do not need a Transit visa if:

You have an Indian passport; and

you arrive and depart by air have a confirmed onward flight that leaves on the day you arrive or before midnight on the day after you arrive have the right documents for your destination (eg a visa for that country); and

you’re traveling from the Republic of Ireland and it’s less than 3 months since you were last given permission, on the basis of holding a valid Irish biometric visa, to land or be in Ireland

(GOV Website)

If you do not meet all of these requirements, you will need to apply for a Visitor in Transit Visa.

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