So i'm traveling from tokyo to paris with a transition in Moscow, on August 14-15. I've just learned through an audio message that the departure airport for the moscow=>paris route had changed, meaning that i'm supposed to change airport in Moscow. I'm french and don't have a Russian Visa. I've called the booking website (mytrip.com) but they don't have any informations regarding this. I've written to aeroflot but they haven't answer yet.

Do i need a Russian transit visa or similar ? Can I expect to switch to another Moscow =>Paris flight from Aeroflot on the same day ? What are my options here ?

For precisions : Tokyo => Moscow: Flight, SU 261, arriving at Moscow Sheremetyevo WED 14 AUG 16:05 Moscow => Paris : Flight SU 6637, departing from Moscow THU 15 AUG 10:50

Thanks a lot :)

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  • As far as I can tell, Flight 6637 departs from Sheremetyevo Airport as well. Are you sure you have to change airports? – Michael Seifert Jul 12 at 11:35
  • Check that message again and be sure to distinguish whether they changed the departing AIRPORT or if it's just a change in TERMINAL (more likely) – Ozzy Jul 12 at 11:43
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    Thanks a lot. It seems after listening several times to the message that it is indeed a change of terminal rather than change in airport. sorry for the inconvenience. The robot voice speaking english with a russian english was too much for my french ears :D – Florian Jul 12 at 12:26
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    I suggest that you delete the question, as it's based on a mistake. – ugoren Jul 12 at 13:27
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