I need your help here

I m Indian Citizen and i want to apply for national visa for my collage , but the problem is i m not getting any dates in India , So can i apply for appointment from Malaysia because i have Malaysia tourist visa still valid for me ,

So please tell me can i book appointment in Malaysia because i can see dates available in Malaysia , So can i book them and go for the interview in Malaysia <

does it matter that where i m apply from ? its just an visa interview Right ?

i m sharing you link where i can my application screen shot for you

prnt.sc/ob4761 prnt.sc/ob47q6


Highly unlikely.

Schengen rules state that only applications from persons who reside legally in the jurisdiction of the competent consulate should be accepted. However, an application may be accepted from a person legally present – but not residing - in the jurisdiction of the consulate where the application is submitted, if he can justify why the application could not be lodged at a consulate in his place of residence. It is for the consulate to appreciate whether the justification presented by the applicant is acceptable.

‘I couldn’t get an appointment at a Consulate in my place of residence’ probably won’t be accepted as reasonable justification.


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