I will be traveling from Frankfurt to Bangalore and I have my transit at Mumbai. I would like to get some good liquors back home. So, what would be the cheapest and safest(security check wise) mode to carry liquor? I am worried about Mumbai to Bangalore transit, as it would be a domestic one.

Also, if you can suggest me some good German liquors to carry back home.

Thanks in advance.

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    You won't get blind from any of these so I suspect that's not what you meant by good. It's a matter of your taste (or those you make a present) and a matter of the region you visited in Germany. Makes no sense to bring e.g. Aquavit if you had been in Bavaria and don't like caraway. – Typical for Germany are Obstbrand and Kräuterlikör. There are hundreds of different brands and flavours. But don't export Jägermeister yourself – it's available everywhere already. – Janka Jul 10 at 20:54
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    How much are you planning to buy, bearing in mind import limits / customs duties? Your options to carry liquids are probably limited to packing the bottles in your checked luggage. – Traveller Jul 10 at 21:00
  • Can I buy the liquors(1L) from duty-free stores either at Frankfurt/Mumbai and carry it all the way to Bangalore as my hand luggage? – Soumya Ranjan Sahoo Jul 11 at 8:26

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