I'm a 15 year old syrian travelling to Greece with my mother and 2 sisters who are younger than me, we have booked in Athens for one month and also flight tickets prior to applying, we're arriving there with 30,000€, we've submitted the employment details and travel insurance, what are the odds we'll get rejected? , we traveled to Europe under a schengen visa in 2016 before

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  • We can’t predict the odds, but having previously had a visa counts in your favour unless your family’s circumstances have changed significantly since 2016. – Traveller Jul 9 at 18:02
  • 2
    Are you planning to carry €30,000 in cash? If so you must declare it on arrival in Greece (and possibly on departure from Syria). Expect to be questioned on the provenance of such a large sum. – user90371 Jul 9 at 18:43

We cannot tell you the odds. But some things would appear alarming to a visa official unless your explanation was unclear.

  • Bringing €30000 for one month would be rather unusual. Few tourists spend that much. Having that much money at home and bringing only a small part is better.
  • A stable job with income in excess of expenses is much more important than the money at hand.
  • I think carrying that amount of cash, even if planning to spend less, would itself be a red flag for a visa officer. – David Jul 9 at 19:23
  • @David, edited. – o.m. Jul 10 at 5:12

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