My girlfriend from USA is traveling to the UK through Manchester next month. She has a visit visa in her passport for travel since she was refused entry last year. Will she have to scan the MRZ on her visa page, or the bio page? Also, will the gate even work for her given her previous immigration issues?


  • I think the passport data page, but I would also expect there to be a stop indicator on her passport and the gate to reject her (the first time). She should ask the IO about the stop indicator affecting future travel if the gate rejects her. – Michael Hampton Jul 7 at 22:29
  • Do you think she should use the line for the gates or just line up through regular immigration and get manually inspected? – LR837 Jul 8 at 2:12
  • 1
    I can't see how it would possibly hurt to use the gates. – Michael Hampton Jul 8 at 2:24

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