Is it possible to get from Grodno to Bahatyrevičy (also known as Багатырэвічы, Богатыревичи, Bohatyrowicze) with public transport? I am willing to go a few kilometers by foot, so, for instance, getting from Grodno to Глядавічы and then going 5 km by foot is also ok for me.


According to this timetable of buses it is possible. You have to go by bus from Grodno to Грушевка (in Belarussian: Грушаўка, Hrušaŭka) and then go about 8 km by foot to Bohatyrowicze. When you look up the bus at the timetable be careful, because there are at least two places called Грушевка - the one you need is "Грушевка, Гродненский р-н ГРОДНЕНСКАЯ ОБЛ. Беларусь". The bus which you need is a bus from Grodno to Мосты through Грушевка. Notice that the hours of this bus are different for different days.

It is also possible - but more complicated - to go by train from Grodno to Мосты (train's timetable is here) and then take a bus from Мосты to Grodno through Грушевка, and again - go by foot from Грушевка to Bohatyrowicze.

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