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I am supposed to travel by Air India International flight from New York to Delhi on 7th July (Departure time 12:05 pm) but i have received a mail from them saying that now the flight has been rescheduled for 8th July (Departure time 03:45 am) and the delay is for than 15 hours. Kindly let me know what steps can i take to get refunfd from them regarding hotel and food as all my bookings were till 7th July only.

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  • What research have you done up to now? Have you read the T&C of your ticket? Contacted the airline or searched its web site for information about delays? Do you have travel insurance that covers you for a delay of 15+ hours? – Traveller Jul 6 at 7:18
  • rescheduled is quite different from delayed. Which is it? – Aganju Jul 6 at 18:58