1. In some of the other answers, people told that border control stamp a date when coming on VWP. Is this date 90 days? or does it depend on the return ticket?

  2. I am going to be attending a 6 week IT bootcamp(Less than 18 hrs classes/week) & travel for a month ( Well within the 90 day period) before leaving US. Is it legal to attend bootcamp classes on VWP?

  3. I have not decided where I will be staying. Can I apply for ESTA without this information as it does ask for a US contact/address?

Appreciate your answers

  • Welcome to TSE. As with any Stack Exchange site, please ask only one question at a time, and please indicate what initial research you have attempted into the matter. I strongly encourage you to take the site tour and review the help center for additional guidance. – choster Jul 5 at 15:07
  • This cbp.gov/travel/international-visitors/… might be helpful – Traveller Jul 6 at 23:34

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