I was surprised that an Amsterdam auto rental required a passport, despite making the reservation through Expedia.com. I have no objection to requirement: I am left wondering:

What practical purpose (reason) does requiring the passport to rent the car serve?

The assumption is that there is a reason / purpose for said requirement.

Fortunately, the rental company was flexible and accepted my passport card issued by the state department (not a true passport, but a National ID card), because I left the passport in the hotel safe. I always expect to show my driver's license when renting a car.

BTW, This is not a requirement to rent a car in the Dutch Aruba territory.

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    Different countries have different laws; different companies have different policies. Are you asking why the policies differ, or are you asking for the reason behind the requirement where it exists? – phoog Jul 3 at 14:03
  • As you (and every other person in the Netherlands 14 years and over) have to carry your passport or your EU national Identity card, showing it to rent a car should not be a problem at all. – Willeke Jul 3 at 15:25
  • @Willeke that is true, and the question even acknowledges a lack of objection to the requirement. But it is not a violation to fail to carry ID; it is only a violation to be unable to produce it in response to an official demand. – phoog Jul 3 at 16:53
  • That is hair splitting. You need to have it with you when you do certain things, like riding public transport without the right ticket, not having lights on your bike at night and many other situations, so you need to have it. – Willeke Jul 3 at 16:56
  • @phoog Both, it would seem to be inconsistent (which is certainly OK as it their prerogative), but I am puzzled as to why it would not be enough to show a driver's license. I made the reservation online through Expedia.com – gatorback Jul 3 at 17:31

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