I want to book tickets for my parents' travel from India to Germany and back by Turkish Airlines and Alitalia . However, I have the following question :

On my father's passport, his full name (AAA BBB CCC) has been put under the "first name", while the field for "Surname" is blank. When I am booking the tickets, it does not let me leave the field for the surname as blank. In this case, is it ok if I put "CCC" in the surname field and keep "AAA BBB" in the first name ? In this way, the full name(First name followed by last name) will still read as "AAA BBB CCC" which on the passport.

I want to know if it is alright to book the tickets in this manner ? I want to be completely sure about it because my parents would be undertaking such a long international flight alone for the first time and I do not want to put them through any problems at all.

I had written to both airlines 3 days back but there has been no response until now..

  • I suggest to tweet or DM to the respective airline. They'd definitely reply. E-mails won't get a reply. – Ajay Jun 27 at 6:33

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