I suddenly had to get just some small stitches on my wrist and it has to come off in 10 days and I will be in Korea at that time so I was wondering where I can go get it removed and how much will it cost?

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    I think this is a reasonable Travel question. Put another way: how might a traveler obtain medical care for a non-urgent matter while in a foreign land, and what might it cost? That's a challenge that might appear for any of us. – David Jun 25 at 1:46
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    Where in South Korea? I have an app on my iPad that uses data from Open Street Map. If I type "clinic" in the search form, I will get a list of them nearby, and spots on the map. Or "hospital." Cost, I can't tell you. – WGroleau Jun 25 at 1:58
  • You might want to ask your doctor/hospital whether they can come out before/after your trip to Korea. – Martin Bonner Jun 25 at 14:08
  • OP has not returned to clarify. Putting on hold. – Mark Mayo Jun 27 at 4:48