I got an email from from the UK embassy in Abu Dhabi, saying your visa application has been concluded.

But they did not contact my sponsor. Does this mean they did not grant my visa but refused it?

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    They wouldn't normally contact anybody when assessing your application - they don't have time. Instead, they go off the evidence you give them, plus what comes up for their databases. If you relied on them contacting your sponsor, then you made an error. – CMaster Jun 24 at 14:28
  • okay thanks, and do i expect tomorrow my passport will return or after tomorrow? if i received this email on 23 june yesterday – Abid Shiekh Jun 24 at 14:31
  • We don’t have any way to know how long the return of your passport will take – Traveller Jun 24 at 14:55
  • @David: That's not a duplicate -- the other question does not address the OP's expectations that the sponsor would be contacted. – Henning Makholm Jun 24 at 15:12
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    @David: Just because some of the question here is answered there does not mean that the OP should be prevented from getting an answer to the rest of his question. – Henning Makholm Jun 24 at 15:52

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