The reason for the refusal is below. What do I have to do differently when I reapply?

The decision
I have refused your application for a visit visa because I am not satisfied that you meet the requirements of paragraph A57A to A57D of Immigration Rules because:

  • You state in your application that you are visiting the UK as a short term student for a duration of 20 days to study at University College London UCL with their course Summer School (Anatomy and Developmental Biology).
  • You state that you are currently a student that you have that you have monthly living expenditure of 1,500 GHS (£221.66) and that you personally have £4000 (27,068.3GHS) and have been provided with an additional £6,000 (40,602.50 GHS) from your father that you are relying upon to fund this visit.
  • You state that you intend to spend £10,000 (67,670.80 GMD), which equates to over 45 months of your living costs in your country of residence on a short period of study in the United Kingdom and I am not satisfied that this degree of expenditure is proportionate to your current economic circumstances and leads me to doubt your stated intentions in seeking to visit the UK.
  • You have presented financial information but this does not satisfy me. I have been unable to confirm any income that you receive that supports you on a day to day basis while you study and that you have your monthly living expense. In addition, I have been unable to confirm that you now possess the funds you claim of £4000 (27,068.3GHS) and have been provided with an additional £6,000 (40,602.50 GHS) from your father that you are relying upon to fund this visit.
  • You have provided information from your father in support of this application but this does not satisfy me. Although you have submitted business registration documents in support of your application, these do not demonstrate that the business is actually operating, or that your father is deriving any income from it. The transaction history in the copy of your bank statement you have provided does not reflect the income you have quoted, and indicates large sums of deposits made to your account for which you have provided no explanation. I have noted the business documents and the bank account presented; however these do not demonstrate any money transferring from the business to a personal account. I am mindful that money held in a business represents funds used for the activities and running of the business and these funds do not necessarily reflect an individual’s personal financial circumstances, even if that individual is involved in the running of the company, as the money is required to meet the businesses liabilities and other business expenses. I am not satisfied that you can be provided with funds from the account provided. In view of your lack of information, I am not satisfied that you have provided an accurate representation of the purpose for this visit.
  • In light of all the above I am not satisfied that you have enough funds to meet the cost of your return or onward journey from the UK, will be maintained and accommodated adequately out of funds available to you, genuinely seeking entry as a short-term student and intend to leave the UK at the end of the study or at the end of 6 months whichever is sooner. Paragraph A57C (vi) (vii) (ix) and A57D (b).

I am a university student and I clearly stated in my application I don't have any source of income. Also I never stated I had £4000 to my name for the trip; I rather stated my dad was ready to support me with a sum of £10,000 for my studies. I have already paid for tuition and accommodation to the the summer school.

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    The only thing you can do is reapply, making sure that you address every point in the refusal notice and that your documentation is watertight. – Traveller Jun 21 at 23:04
  • can i change the amount am spending on the trip from 10,000£ coz i think that was too much since accommodation and tuition cost me 3000£ and a ticket cost less than 1000£ – Qwaccii Jun 22 at 6:24
  • There is more to the refusal than just the amount of money you plan to spend (and changing that in a new application could raise a red flag - you should provide a budget to support the amount you state). If you’ve not read this already travel.stackexchange.com/questions/92121/… it may help – Traveller Jun 22 at 8:10

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