I am a Pakistani citizen holding a Pakistani passport. My child has a valid Canadian visit visa on his passport and it is going to expire on Apr 2020. (Both passport and Visa) However my passport has a longer validity (both visa and passport).

My question is: How can my child stay longer than expiry? Do I need to renew his passport and re apply for his there in Canada or I need to fly back to Pakistan, renew his passport and apply new visitor visa?


A visa normally does not extend beyond the passport's expiration date.

You can renew your child's passport in Canada. There is a long list of required documents on this page of the Pakistani Embassy in Toronto. I'm not going to reproduce it here. I suspect that you cannot use the online passport renewal application.

Once you have the new passport, you will have to apply for a new visa for your child.

I assume the child has a TRV (Temporary Resident Visa). You can apply to extend/renew/get a new one in Canada. This page discusses extending the stay using a paper form. It's possible to apply online but you may it helpful to read through this page. Highlights include:

  • Apply at least 30 days before the TRV expires but current processing times are closer to 60 days--check
  • Every dependent must apply separately
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    A Canadian visa normally does not extend beyond the passport's expiration date. – Michael Hampton Jun 18 '19 at 1:02

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