I have a flight on AA from Atlanta to Madrid. My booking lists a "stop" in Philadelphia for approximately one hour and 15 minutes. I'm concerned because my itinerary lists arrival in PHL at terminal A but departure from terminal B, and the airline switches to Iberia. Will I need to go through security again before leaving PHL? I'm worried about the short stop time.

  • All the terminals at PHL are connected airside, and on the outbound things will be no different from a domestic connection; however, on the return trip, you will need to clear immigration, customs, and security screening after arrival. – choster Jun 17 '19 at 20:10

The airport's website says that "In the secure area past the security checkpoints, all terminals and gates are accessible," meaning you will not have to re-clear security. A map is available on their website and shows that the gates are connected by a short hallway. An hour and 15 minutes is plenty of time.

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