In summer, die kleine rote uses open scenic carriages on the Bernina railway, in regular scheduled train services.

Aussichtswagen Offene Aussichtswagen / Carrozze panoramici aperti / Vagun panoramic. Source: Wikimedia Commons

I used to enjoy those as a child, but I've never seen them anywhere else since. Are similar open carriages used in scheduled train services (thus not including museum railways or special events) anywhere else on Earth?

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    From the Wikimedia Commons open railway coaches category, it appears the Train Jaune may have them as well, but more generally Open coach has a different meaning, making it hard to google. – gerrit Jun 14 at 11:17
  • I can confirm that the Train Jaune has carriages where passengers can sit out in the weather, I am not sure if they are in the train round the year. – Willeke Jun 14 at 17:23
  • Probably too broad. I can think of a couple in NZ alone, plus at least one in North America... – Mark Mayo Jul 2 at 3:13