I'm a Jamaican and was recently invited to the army assessment center. What type of visa should I apply for and what documents I'm going to need?......I'd also like to know the length of stay I should use when applying.

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    Welcome to TSE. While not an exact duplicate, Gayot Fow's answer in What more should I add when applying for a Standard Visitor visa to attend British Army assessment? provides information that should be useful to you. – choster Jun 12 at 20:54
  • Use the search box (at the top of each SE:Travel page) for "British Army Assessment." A list of previous questions on this subject will be returned. Unfortunately, the quality of a good army candidate (i.e., one who can easily move from country of origin and not return), and the quality of a good candidate for a UK visa (i.e., one who has ties and will return to country of origin) are in conflict, which makes a visa for assessment purposes difficult to obtain. – David Jun 13 at 20:37

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