I am looking to book some flights for Christmas and have found an interesting itinerary on Expedia that I am considering to book. However the outbound and return legs are operated by two different airlines in two different alliances - the outbound would be on Vietnam Airlines (SkyTeam, VN flight numbers, VN metal) while the return would be on Air China (*A, CA flight numbers, CA metal).

All flights are on one ticket though so would I be able to earn miles on this itinerary by retroactively claiming for the VN portion of the ticket with SkyTeam and for the CA portion with *A? Or could I not claim miles at all on a ticket like this?

Any clarification/past experience on this would be great!

  • Many airlines “manage my booking” and/or online check-in features allow you to add a frequent flyer number. In the worst case, you should be able to do it when checking in at the airport. I have no experience with those specific airlines though. – jcaron Jun 11 at 7:35

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