I am in the Yacht sailing fields and currently finished my first season (10 months) here in India. I saved some money to take up a short competent crew course with RYA (Royal Yachting Association UK). The courses are conducted by UKSA which is accredited to BAC. I am also a member of RYA.

Its a recreation course of 7 day duration which includes 5 days and 5 night practical on the boat includes food and accommodation on the boat. 2 days on site for the oral exam for which food and accommodation are included in the course fee.

There is also a boat show organized by RYA in Uk which coincides with my course and it's in the same region and I also keen on visiting this show. I have a complimentary ticket for this. The course starts from 6-13 September 2019 and the boat show is from 13-22 September 2019. My main purpose is to get the course done so that the certificate will help me for promotion and finding a better opportunity here in India. I have a RYA Powerboat certificate which I did in Thailand. I also have Radio Operator Certificate GMDSS issued by MCA UK.

Looking at the above situation can anyone tell me which visa is applicable to me. Visitor Visa or Short Term Student Study Visa my main purpose of the visit is for the course.

Please help me in this regards, Thank

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As your main purpose in visiting is to study, it would appear that the Short Term Student Visa is appropriate. The guidance for the Standard Visitor Visa says study cannot be the main purpose of your visit.

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