I applied for a UK visa from Munich and opted for the courier service to deliver the passport to my home. I got the email on Friday (7th of June) that my UK visa application has been dispatched with no tracking number mentioned.

I want to understand if the visa will be sent to the visa office in Munich first, and then to me or if it will be directly couriered to me? I have to travel on Tuesday evening (11th of June) but not sure how can I get the visa on time. If it goes to the Munich office first, then should I go to munich office on Tuesday morning and collect it from there or should I wait for the courier at home?

Has anyone faced this kind of issue? Due to public holiday on Monday, I am not sure how I can get visa on time.

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I asked friend who applied and got UK visa. UK Visa Immigration couriered her passport, visa back at her home directly like EMRE ŞAHİN's case.

enter image description here

Postica Ðenis's answer is same.

enter image description here

But can you post exact words in UK Visa Immigration's email to you? Some other emails from UK Visa Immigration don't write out "couriered back to you" like this email.

enter image description here

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