I have read some crazy horror stories about PEK airport, so I'm a bit worried right now :(

Schedule is Milan (MXP) - Beijing (PEK) - Tokyo (HND), then the other way around. Will leave on August 1st.

Do you think 3 hours layover in PEK is enough? (Both legs on the same ticket and both AirChina)



It seems mostly safe. Usually 3 hours are enough. Some months ago we had a problem with Pakistan, so most airlines should not flight over it. OTOH I assume the plane will flight mush more north.

In any case, from FlightRadar24 flight CA950, it is often on time. Few times just less then 1 hour delay (and twice with 1h30 delay). So it should be feasible.

But travel is about unforeseen circumstances, so try to think a plan B (do they have later flight to Japan? Prepare the alternative: it is simple to discuss, if you have already some ideas). Get on your cabin luggage also stuff for one extra night (and day).

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