In the past I took ferries between South Korea and Japan six times, but the most recent was seven years ago.

I seem to recall that besides the Japanese and Korean travellers that there were also many Chinese in the ferry terminal.

I thought this would've been the Busan terminal, but maybe it was the Shimonoseki terminal. I also seem to recall that the Chinese side was Qingdao, but I don't trust my memory completely.

I know there are ferries from Incheon and Osaka to China, but for this question I'm not asking about those since that info is easy to find.


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Per Japanese Wikipedia, there is a twice-weekly ferry service between Shimonoseki and Suzhou, China, operated by the Suzhou Shimonoseki Ferry company.

A ferry to Qingdao is also listed, however it ceased operation in December 2015 due to low ridership.

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