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If German embassy refused visa for the first time,

then should we request a visa from Germany next time? Will the other embassies in schengen deny the visa?

Some people say that if Germany refuses, other embassies do not give a visa so easily. Is it right? What should i do now

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  • Did you already get a refusal? If not, then don't fret yet. – chx Jun 6 at 9:54
  • Yes already refused for first time. – Shahbaz Dolat Jun 6 at 9:58
  • I reopened your other question and close this one as the other one has much more information. – Willeke Jun 6 at 10:14

Pay close attention to the refusal notice you received. It will explain why you were refused. If you don't address that then other embassies will refuse you for the same reason.

You should not apply to other embassies unless you change your itinerary. If Germany is the country you will spend most time in then that's where you should apply. Other embassies will probably refuse to look at your application.

It is alright to change your itinerary such that you can apply to another country, but if you intend to do so you should wait a while to avoid the appearance of visa-shopping.

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