I have cleared the interview for a software organization in Durham, UK and they have given me the COS (Certificate of sponsorship).

My doubt is I have a benign skin condition called keratolysis exfoliativa, which means focal peeling of the palms, so my fingerprints may not be clear, except for 3 fingers.

I have all other documents and sponsorship from the company that hired me. Will this cause any problem in getting a UK visa?

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  • Do you have an e-Passport? Does it has fingerprints? – Giacomo Catenazzi Jun 4 at 12:13
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    @user56513 I don't think this is a duplicate. That question is very generic. – MJeffryes Jun 4 at 12:13
  • Even though this question is much more detailed, I think the answers to that other question will be helpful. Even people without hands can travel. – Willeke Jun 4 at 12:41
  • @Willeke Yes, but if someone without hands shows up to a biometric appointment, obviously they won't have their fingerprints collected, and when they arrive in the UK, the border officer will not expect them to be provided. With this condition, it seems possible that a print could be recorded, but then there could be issues matching it in the UK. It seems to me that OP would like specific information about how he can make sure he isn't accused of traveling on someone else's visa. – MJeffryes Jun 4 at 14:26

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