I would like to bring a musical instrument from my country to a Japanese friend via international postal parcel service. However, I would like to know about customs security in Japan. I mean to say is it better to give his address rather than mine for a smooth process? Or is it better to get in my name and give to him later?

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Is it a gift to him? Then send it to him declaring it as a gift.

Is it for you to use and bring back? Then send it to yourself c/o him at his address. Declare it on your customs form when you enter the country.

John Traveller C/o Taro Urashima 1-2-3 Yamaha-cho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 123-456

  • It's for him as a gift. My brother going to send it via international parcel. Where to declare about it?at the parcel center of my country? – Science123 Jun 3 at 7:56
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    @Science123 yup, there’s a customs declaration form you have to fill at the post office. I’d declare it as: Musical instrument (gift) – RoboKaren Jun 3 at 7:58

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