enter image description here I would like to go on holidays without my eu family member, i use to travel alone with my residence card from italy but am not sure of this particular permit(article 10)


Without your EU family member, you can normally use that card (in combination with your passport) to go anywhere a Schengen residence permit will take you. That includes the Schengen area and all but two of the non-Schengen EU countries. The two countries that are not included are the UK and Ireland.

However, in a comment you have indicated that you do not reside in Italy. Therefore, the Italian residence card is probably no longer valid, and you should not rely on it for travel to the Schengen area or for any other purpose. Instead, you should apply for a Schengen visa. Because you will be traveling without your family member, you will have to pay the fee and go through the normal application procedure.

(Your UK residence card is probably a "residence card of a family member of a union citizen," in which case you could use it to travel to other EU and countries without a visa as long as you are traveling with or joining your family member there, but that is not the case here.)

  • Oh ok.. i came to the uk with my family permit but my eu family was with me ,i now have a residence permit here in the uk but was confused if that same permit that brought me here could allow me visit schengen without my eu family member following me all the time – Bella Veronika Jun 2 at 16:20
  • @BellaVeronika if you reside in the UK then your Italian carta di soggiorno is probably no longer valid. I would not try to use it if I were you. – phoog Jun 2 at 18:40
  • The residence permit from italy is illimitata which means it doesnt expire so its still valid.. and my uk resident card is eu presettlement permit for 5yrs – Bella Veronika Jun 3 at 2:29
  • So do i still need a visa?? I still have my residence permit of a union citizen from italy and pre settlement permit from the uk, – Bella Veronika Jun 3 at 2:31
  • @BellaVeronika you don't live in Italy. The permit is probably void. – phoog Jun 3 at 2:39

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