I am flying from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to India NSCBI (CCU) Airport. My flight has two layovers - Tokyo and then Singapore. The different legs of the journey are on the same itinerary. I am flying with Singapore Airlines. I land in Tokyo Haneda Airport at 8 pm and my connecting flight is from Narita International Airport the next day 2:30 am. My question is whether Singapore Airlines would be responsible for my transit as I don't have a lot of time (six and a half hours not considering checking in, etc.) or do I have to arrange my own transportation?

  • Ask Singapore Airlines. They should provide you the best information (and up to date). Ask also about your baggage. You may find some information online, but there is no better way than to make initial contact. – Giacomo Catenazzi Jun 1 at 15:41
  • The LAX-HND segment must be operated by some other airline, since Singapore Airlines doesn't fly that route. Possibly ANA? – Nate Eldredge Jun 1 at 16:27
  • LAX to HND segment is also a singapore airlines flight atleast in my itinerary @Nate. – Arnab Sanyal Jun 2 at 17:28
  • @Giacomo thanks ... I was planning to do that as that makes most sense at present! – Arnab Sanyal Jun 2 at 17:30
  • I think you're actually flying LAX-NRT followed by HND-SIN like this, as Singapore Airlines doesn't fly LAX-HND. Since, as Hilmar explained, you're most likely responsible for your bags (and definitely for getting a Japanese visa), maybe consider changing your routing to something like this or, even better, this one? All of these itineraries seem to be similarly priced, so you'd only have to pay a change fee. – Mophotla Jun 2 at 20:18

This is bad itinerary. Unless there is a specific arrangement with your ticket (ask the airline), you have to arrange your own connection.

Typically you need to

  1. Collect your bags
  2. Clear Japanese Immigration and Customs, make sure you have proper entry documentation (Visa)
  3. Find ground transport to Narita. A list of option is here https://pretraveller.com/narita-airport-nrt-to-haneda-airport-hnd-transfer/ Easiest is the limobus but I don't think it runs that late
  4. Go to the check in counter of the airline for you departing flight in Narita
  5. Check in and drop off bags again
  6. Go through security and immigration (I think)
  7. Go to gate.

While it's a significant hassle, 6.5 hours is plenty of time to make it unless there are unforeseen problems.

Things are a lot easier, if you don't check bags and hust use carry on.

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