I am employed as a contract staff in a financial institution in Ghana and have an invite from the British Army to come for assessment. I have a sister legally resident in the UK. My monthly commission ranges from Ghs 1000 to Ghs 3000 a month. I manage my deceased mum's business with a bank balance around Ghs 150000. I have the backing of my HR with a leave letter from them and also stating my job is secured even if I'm not successful with the army. Do I stand a chance to obtain a standard visa?

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    Unfortunately, this forum is for specific questions that have factual answers - we can't answer "what chance do I have" type questions, as only the immigration officer handling your case has access to all the details of your application. – Moo Jun 1 at 9:34
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    Onua Ghanaman, we have hundreds of British army assessment questions like yours here. You can use the search button to find them. Short answer is, your chances are very slim. – user 56513 Jun 1 at 9:34
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    Use the search box (at the top of each SE:Travel page) for "British Army Assessment." A list of previous questions on this subject will be returned. User56513 is correct: the quality of a good army candidate, and the quality of a good candidate for a UK visa, are in conflict, which makes a visa for assessment purposes very difficult to obtain. – David Jun 1 at 10:39