How do I find out the status of my australia visa application? I applied at the same time as my wife. She recieved hers within 24 hours. It was done on 5/27/19 and I have not received a response.


I'm going to assume you've applied online rather than at an embassy/consulate/visa office. If not, you should contact the place you submitted your application.

You should be able to check your application status via ImmiAccount.

The Australian Department of Home Affairs says:

Check your application status

If you applied online you can check your visa application status in ImmiAccount.

We assign a status to your application to show progress.

The status shows next to your application in 'My applications summary'.

Incomplete means you have started but not completed an application. Ready to submit means you have completed an application and can submit. Submitted means you have submitted an application. Received means we have received an application from you and can assess it within the current processing times. Initial assessment means we are assessing your application. Further assessment means we are assessing the information we requested from you. Finalised means we have made a decision. We will notify you by email or post.

Note: The application status for My Health Declarations and Partner sponsorship forms will always display a status of submitted and will not change to a status of received.

You can also check the typical processing times, split by type of visa.

If you were applying for an ETA from certain countries, there is a separate page to check the ETA application status

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