Is there a store at the Bora Bora airport in Tahiti? Can I buy toiletries, groceries, and/or alcohol there?


The Tahiti airport authority lists three shops available at Bora Bora airport. Below is my translation, though there are a few phrases that I'm not sure I've translated correctly.

Bars & restaurants:

Snack Pora Pora


Arana: Tel 67 68 67 ou 67 52 38

  • Newsstand with French & foreign magazines, book sales, postcards, video cassettes, tobacco, snacks, clothing

  • Open Monday 06h10 to 17h10 - Tuesday 09h50 to 17h10 - Wednesday 09h10 to 18h50 - Thursday 07h05 to 19h05 - Friday 08h15 to 18h35 - Saturday 06h50 to 18h25 - Sunday 08h40 to 19h55

Kaimana : Tel 67 51 99

  • Newsstand, books, postcards & stamps, curios, clothing, candy, tobacco, visual products (photo film, audio & video), essentials (?) (première necessité)
  • Open from 05h30 until the last flight Monday through Friday.

The terminal itself is quite small; you can see the plan below (also available here.)

enter image description here

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