Since this question will probably involve some laws, I will state that I am German and I was booking via an online site which is mediating for travel agencies.

I booked a hotel on May 15 for a one week stay in Italy at Lake Garda (June 19 to 26). On May 25th I was told by the travel agency that the hotel was overbooked and offered me a new, in my opinion inadequate, one to stay in. I told them that I know that region and that the other hotel is not in question for us. I supplied them with a few alternatives, one of them being in the same town, the others in different towns (probably 15 km away).

Today, on May 29, I got a new offer from the agency for one of the hotels that I proposed, but to a higher price. It does have an additional star compared to the originally booked hotel, but it is not in the town I wanted and the town does not even have a beach. They offered me to pay 773 € for the alternative that I suggested when I explicitly said that my budget will not exceed the 653 € I initially paid.

They also offered me a hotel for no additional cost. It also has an additional star and does cost more, but it is on the complete other side of the lake! I specifically looked for a hotel on the east side and driving from Limone takes at least an hour to get to where I want to go on my holiday.

I do want to get a solution from the agency, since it is way too late now to find anything else.

What are my rights regarding compensation if I do accept any of their offers, even if I take the more expensive hotel at no additional cost? Can I somehow demand they let me stay in the (alternative and more expensive) hotel I proposed for no additional cost?

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    "Can I somehow demand they let me stay in the hotel I proposed for no additional cost?" -- you can demand whatever you like, but you may not get it. If there are no free rooms at that hotel you can't make the hotel throw out other guests for you. Why would you have a better right to the room than them? – Henning Makholm May 29 at 18:45
  • Maybe my wording was misleading. I intended to ask "Can I demand that they let me stay at the (more expensive) hotel (that I proposed as an alternative) without additional cost?" – Ian May 29 at 18:50
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    Did you book just the hotel, or a full package? In many countries there are different rules for the two cases. – jcaron May 29 at 18:58
  • @jcaron Just the hotel. It was somehow categorized as "package tour", just without any transportation. The hotel was booked with breakfast only. – Ian May 29 at 19:38
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    @MikaelDúiBolinder I will as soon as something happened. I am still trying to get the travel agency to answer. Apparently ignoring the customer is a valid strategy to avoid paying compensation. – Ian Aug 19 at 5:45

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