I am currently applying for a UK Visa and my sister has been working there for 2 years now.

She said she will sponsor my STAY ONLY in her rented house.

I will be the one to buy the plane ticket and cover all expenses once I get there.

What proof should she send to me for my UK Visa?

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In addition to telling what she will be providing you with, you must document that your sister is legally resident in the UK.

Also, since she lives in rented accommodation, she must show that her landlord is okay with her boarding guests -- either in the form of a lease that explicitly allows this in general, or a letter from the landlord that permits it.

It's also a good idea to document your relationship, e.g. with birth certificates showing you have the same parents.


I assume you mean what she should write in her letter of sponsorship, which will become part of the visa application.

The letter should reflect what she is willing to sponsor

  • accommodation in her home
  • timeframe

The reader should, as a result, understand what she is willing to sponsor and what not

  • not to sponser expenses
    • with you proving that you can pay those expenses

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