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  1. Is there a geographical term that fits this scenery?

  2. My real estate agent didn't take these pictures, but said they look like Gros Morne. Where exactly?

enter image description here

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This appears to be a similar view from Google Earth (the terrain doesn't look as rugged, but that's the limitation of aerial photography). The viewpoint here is in the valley above Western Brook Pond. This type of geography is typical of fjords (the ones here have been cut off from the sea).

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This is a photo of the Western Brook Pond Fjord which is indeed in Gros Morne National Park.

The photographer is Jake Graham, who has taken many other photos from this point and offers backcountry tours so you can take your own.

Beyond the tour he offers, actually getting there involves a moderate to strenuous day hike, or a multi-day hike of the 36 km Long Range Traverse hiking trail.

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