I will be arriving very early, around 2AM at terminal 3. My hostel check-in time is 2PM. So, I'll leave the airport at around 7AM in the morning.

I want to know if there are any arrival lounges available at the airport where I can recharge myself?

  • Where does your flight arrive from? It's possibly relevant because of how large T3 is and a separate non-Schengen area. May 27, 2019 at 17:16
  • @MichaelHampton Well I'll be coming in from India, with a layover in Abu Dhabi. May 27, 2019 at 17:17
  • All the lounges I can find are in departures (and don't open until after 6 am anyway) but perhaps someone else knows something I do not. May 28, 2019 at 1:33

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You can find the list of lounges present at the Fiumicino Airport on the Aeroporti di Roma website

The only lounge not on the departures area is The HelloSky Arrival Lounge & Air Rooms

Opening hours - daily from 6am until 11pm.

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